miniGPS & Profiles Suite

miniGPS & Profiles Suite 1.67

Toolbox to create multiple location-based profiles

Psiloc miniGPS & Profiles Suite is a perfect combination of the two most important ("must have") and best seller productivity applications for Nokia 7650/3650.

Psiloc miniGPS

Psiloc miniGPS is a powerful tool to locate yourself in the GSM network!
Its main goal is to perform defined actions based on your location taken from your network. It also shows the details of the network cell, to which your phone is logged in at the moment. You can create your own database of network cells by adding the ones you are logged to and also the ones you want to type in.

However, the best of all is that you can create EVENTS!
Once you have a few cells in your database you can create events on the basis of those cells.

Psiloc Extended Profiles

Psiloc Extended Profiles extends the functionality of the Nokia 7650/3650 phones with advanced user profile managing. Extended Profiles significantly extends the customizing features and it allows for a change of profile based on a given task schedule.

Extended Profiles allows you to set up the following for each profile:

  • phone background picture, which can be set from any image available in phone
  • phone background may be also animated
  • color palette
  • screen saver (if the Screen Saver application is installed, you can choose from 11 different screen savers)
  • A sound file used as an alarm, a different set of alarms for the Clock and the Calendar
  • autolock keypad function
  • Bluetooth mode
  • telephone keypad applications

An advanced version of the already popular miniGPS application.

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miniGPS & Profiles Suite


miniGPS & Profiles Suite 1.67